you are going to live forever

life is short, make every minute count.
running late, running behind, running out of time.
rise and grind, early bird, not a moment wasted.
memento mori—remember that you will die.

don't waste my time time is money money is power
levels of extraction, refinement
the industrialization of living
mine an hour and refine it into labour sold
for a number of dollars that buy you the power to... what?

to feel free?
in the time you have left?
in the time you haven't sold?

no pain, no gain
as if a redwood needed trauma to tower.

what else dies on the alter of time?
i'll sleep when I'm dead
as if the dead wouldn't give everything to sleep, to dream, to rest.
to lay down in one form and wake up renewed:
sleep is not death, it is metamorphosis, transformation

sleep is the seed in winter soil
the rising bread
the baby in the belly

remember that you will die
did you remember that you will live?

have you never lain with your lover
and felt a minute stretch into forever?
what would it feel like to
make love to

i am going to live forever
i will make love to every moment
i will ask can I do this forever?
i will no longer strip-mine my time
i will no longer colonize my time

i will no longer tear up the
richly watered ferns of my hours
to steal bauxite from my red earth:
it is not sustainable.

if time were sand
then you would dread the last grain
but time is water
and you cannot drain the ocean

you are going to live forever
you are going to live forever
you are going to live forever
so live