dain saint art and activism for an abundant society

all of the lights

part of the book of words

i was never meant
to be a mirror

i was broken
so i could be

a disco ball

temet nosce

part of the book of words

well of course
i'm full of myself

who else,
am i supposed
to be full of?

repression vs oppression

part of the book of words

permission v freedom

part of the book of words

with respect to newton

part of the book of words

you can't leap
from the top of a house
and vex with the
for slapping you

city don't sing (video)

2020 has been a year. between the pandemic, the blow to the arts, and the continued fight for freedom, we've been put through the ringer—both in philly, and the rest of the country. i hope this song brings you some catharsis as we say goodbye to this year and move into the next one.

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written and performed by dain saint
video produced, edited, colored, and post-produced by adriano martino

performance shot on an iphone by adriano martino following covid-19 safety protocols

special thanks to franky bradley's for providing a safe venue for the performance

all other clips are licensed through various platforms

special thanks for additional courtesy b-roll footage provided by:

special thanks to kelly lacy for providing the blm mural footage.

the princess and the pea

part of the book of words

this country has convinced you
that discomfort is the same as suffering

some march to end brutality while
some march to cling to comfort
and you see no earthly difference

when some of us would die
so our children could be merely

since you seem to be having a hard time calling it a coup

maybe you can charge him with
disorderly conduct
resisting the truth
and assault and battery
on the populace
(with injuries)

off menu

don't confuse
what you want
what's for sale

united states of philadelphia

part of freedom is non-negotiable

poorest big city in america
but we rich in spirit
(and also capital)

see there’s change in these
couch cushions
if you just take time to dig

we’re just poor in the way
that sidewalk acorns
can’t grow leaves

“poor” the way that movie girl
is “ugly” before her makeover
(but we stan a bitch in glasses)

you might fuck around and
catch these hands

you might slip and fall and
find these hands catch you

cause brotherly love means we will
cuss you the fuck out
if you fuckin up
cause we love you

and brotherly love means when
these streets take one of ours
we take to these streets
cause we love you

our mascots are neon chaos
our main exports are “wish a nigga would”
our national flower is a
little black girl in beads
who saw the police think
they were above these hands and raised her voice
to sing our national anthem:

“aight, bet”

welcome to

(try the pretzels)