visible spectrum

the visible spectrum is a mere sliver
the silver on the back of the glass
that reflects our entire existence

but it is still only a sliver

my reds pulse deep bloody heat
the anger of injustice
the passion of existing regardless
and you will never see my infrared
but you will feel it all the same

my violets radiate high spirit light
the knowledge of my history
the compassion of my future
and you will never see my ultraviolet
but it will burn you all the same

my mother knit my black skin from starstuff
in a basement apartment
that had no room for her dreams
(so she placed them in me)

she gave me gemini
the night sky that pulses with
x-ray and gamma and
microwave and potential energy
and said all this can be yours
i gave you eyes to see
but they are not your vision

to think i spent years wearing only black
because they made no dye for
the colours i saw every time
i closed my eyes

my greens spread, earth-driven vines
the love of being alive
the yearning to hold you all
and you will never taste my chlorophyll
but it will feed you all the same