Musician, game creator, professional crazy person. Co-founder of Cipher Prime Studios.
  • On vacations

    I need a short day and a long night
    A cold drink and a warm bath
    A soft bed and a hard fuck

  • When you hear about the depressed comedian, think also of the lonely writer; the frightened soldier; the tortured genius. The people so afraid of what is inside them they do everything in their power to keep us from experiencing it. The people who do their best to “be the change they want to see in the world.”

    Fight for them like they fight for you.

  • Super happy with how this track turned out, and even happier with this dope album art Will Stallwood put together! Check it out and put a little disco in your life!

  • I wrote a new disco track. It’s full of disco, science, and color puns, and therefore, it cannot possibly be uncool. Check it out, and if you’re in Philly on May 10th, come see me perform at 8static!

  • stephanieharlow:


    I couldn’t decide if this was a marriage proposal, or just a sweet gesture like offering to break the wishbone.

  • Check out the HAWT trailer for our new game Intake! Grab it while you can at!