you should have listened

part of freedom is non-negotiable

we spoke in polite whispers
in hopes it would spur you to act
to spend a little less
to care a little more
but you could not hear above
the clanging din of
your slot machine
could not see us clearly with
bloodshot eyes

we spoke in clear tones
in hopes it would move you to act
to resist a little less
to feel a little more
but you turned up the volume
the white noise of
your internal narrative
could not feel us
gasping for air

we screamed at the top of our lungs
in hopes it would force you to act
to speak a little less
to hear a little more
but you drowned us
in your panicked pleas
for civility
could not see the depth
of our courtesy

our thunder roars angry in the distance
desperate rains flooding the streets
the climate changes because of you
the climate changes in spite of you
and you sweat

as the blood-red moon
hangs in judgement
over your horizon