united states of philadelphia

part of freedom is non-negotiable

poorest big city in america
but we rich in spirit
(and also capital)

see there’s change in these
couch cushions
if you just take time to dig

we’re just poor in the way
that sidewalk acorns
can’t grow leaves

“poor” the way that movie girl
is “ugly” before her makeover
(but we stan a bitch in glasses)

you might fuck around and
catch these hands

you might slip and fall and
find these hands catch you

cause brotherly love means we will
cuss you the fuck out
if you fuckin up
cause we love you

and brotherly love means when
these streets take one of ours
we take to these streets
cause we love you

our mascots are neon chaos
our main exports are “wish a nigga would”
our national flower is a
little black girl in beads
who saw the police think
they were above these hands
and raised her voice
to sing our national anthem:

“aight, bet”

welcome to

(try the pretzels)