Heartwarming: You wont believe this
Embarrassing: Faith in humanity lost
Inspiring: Restored
Tragic: Lost again

5 things you need to know
Number 3 will shock you
5 things you'll love
Number 4 will blow your mind
5 things you'll hate Number
5 is literally everything 😍

Youll never believe how
Youll never guess what
They dont want you to know while
You were distracted by

Millenials are killing real estate
Millenials are killing restaurants
Millenials are killing paper napkins
Millenials are killed by police

These hacks are useful AF
This tweet was savage AF
his text was painful AF
This girl was lonely AF

Destroyed, eviscerated, utterly schooled
These tweets will literally have you in tears
A boy was displaced by civil war
His response was PERF

Heres the best way to work your core
Heres the celebrity we think you want to be
Heres what kind of blender you ar
Heres a troubling prediction about climate chβ€”

Did you see what she wore?
Did you see that episode?
Did you see her naked?
Did you see that dashcam footage?

People are dying laughing about
People are dying laughing
People are dying
People are

lol please share