this damnable good boy

i have an old bedraggled dog
i found when he was small
he does not jump, or dig, or fetch
he does not play at all

and though this dark companion
doesn't bring me any joy
i must, i must take care of him
this damnable good boy

he dashes through my hallways
like a beast that's gone insane
but when i try to walk him
he's an anchor on a chain

he barks at the most random hour
and wakes me from my sleep
he whines for food, but when he’s fed
he simply does not eat

when i try to leave my house
he lays and blocks the way
he'll stay until i sit with him
and waste the whole damn day

but as i know him better now
his pattern's gotten clear
and all his bad behaviour
has become, to me, more dear

he ran because in chasing him
i had to follow suit
he did not walk because the ground
was shaking underfoot

he did not eat because the food
had rotted on the plate
and when he barked it was because
i'd never been awake

he blocks the door to keep me
when i haven't stopped to rest
he reminds that i've only ever
tried to do my best

so even though i sometimes wish
he'd finally leave me be
i understand the value
of his brand of loyalty

i have an old bedraggled dog
i met when i was small
he stays with me to teach me
that it's still okay to fall

so when my dark companion
sees me hide away from joy
he must, he must take care of me
this damnable good boy