if you're here, it means you're considering supporting what i do online, and i cannot begin to express my gratitude. so thanks for visiting.

i love creating my art, and i loathe the process of turning it into something consumable. my entire adult life has been a fight against packaging myself, and i want to extend the same grace to the things i create — the ability for things to simply be art, without also needing to be a product*.

plus, it's easier to share free things. i truly believe we live in a post-scarcity society — that our problems aren't a lack of products, but a problem of distribution. and i believe that if we can each model what living post-scarcity looks like every single day, we move our world to embrace the truth of it's reality.

the other side of this, of course, is that we still live in a world where it costs money to live.

there's a concept of 1,000 true fans, and i think it's brilliant. so in that spirit, i'm setting a goal: a $12 annual donation from 1,000 people. thats $1 a month.

it's a fun experiment for sure. if you like what i make, and want me to do more, please consider supporting me directly. donate what you want, how you want. a recurring donation would be incredible, but even if you send me a single dollar, once, i will be immensely grateful. i also accept donations via cashapp ($dainsaint) or venmo (@dainsaint).

* there are clearly some pieces that make sense to be sold as products, and i'll make a store for those soon.