“it was part of my therapy,” he began, apologetically. but for my birthday, i wanted to get past viewing my body as a purely utilitarian thing and begin seeing it as something to enjoy, something to celebrate—something more than just what it could do. i chose seven archetypes to embody. i’m still beyond happy with the work josh thornton did—he made what could have been an anxiety-inducing experience into something comfortable and expressive.

  • ![the lover](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 1.jpg)
  • ![the architect](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 2.jpg)
  • ![the artist](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 3.jpg)
  • ![the teacher](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 9.jpg)
  • ![the warrior](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 6.jpg)
  • ![the child](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 7.jpg)
  • ![candid 1](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 4.jpg)
  • ![candid 2](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 8.jpg)
  • ![candid 3](/assets/uploads/Dain Saint 10.jpg)