there are things that need to be said.
i'm lucky to have a voice with which to say them.

the garden

i've never been a huge fan of social media. it is powerful, and an incredible force for good, but man things with infinite scroll aren't great for brains like mine.

and my art follows my stream of consciousness. sometimes that takes the form of poetry. or song. or spoken word, or rhetoric, the odd book or video.

the way we're taught to market runs against the way i create. i often have no idea where particular pieces are leading me until i've arrived; and if i wait until i know where i've gotten to start giving you directions, i'll never release anything (which has been my curse for years).

so instead, this website is my garden. as i create new pieces, they'll be published here immediately. once i figure out where it's going, i create a project to start harvesting the work. once it's ready to release, it's released — no muss, no fuss.

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about me

i live in philly. i've been a musician my whole life. i ran cipher prime for twelve years, making super-artsy games — did some talks, won some awards.

i thought i might be able to put my skills to more direct use helping my community. so in 2020 i joined the philadelphia inquirer as an interactive story developer.

it's been a trip.