dain saint art and activism for an abundant society

two hands but ten fingers

right and left are not
the only directions and
black and white are not
the only shades and
men and women are not
the only humans and
gay and straight are not
the only way to love them

computers may be
zeroes and ones
but life is non-binary

work ethic

part of freedom is non-negotiable

it’s so funny how
a nation founded on
slave labour
thinks the solution
to every goddamn thing
is “work harder”


part of tomorrow

so many times
i lie awake
waiting for tomorrow
to be a brighter day

and so many times
i wait in vain
cause tomorrow done came through yesterday
while i was waiting


if you squeeze
from a stone

its not the

standardized test

part of freedom is non-negotiable

how are my children
supposed to stand tall
with a bulletproof backpack
full of white history

for dawn

it comes suddenly
the way a rainstorm does
(it had been building
for some time, unnoticed)

milk, and roses, and
she's gone
and the sky opens up
to weep with us

and they knew that they were naked

one hundred fifty thousand dead
we lost an entire palmdale

you crow for freedom

if your mouth were a breast
you would be so quick to cover it

lest our children see your shame

the pump

draining the rivers
and letting us run through
your sprinklers
is not philanthropy

hardened steel wont bend

don’t confuse
what you had to do
to survive
what you’ll have to do
to live

innovate or die

part of freedom is non-negotiable


a poor white mother patches her sons shoes with
linoleum tiles and

a poor asian mother turns last nights rice into
todays congee and

a poor black mother folds a twenty in the shape of
christmas morning and


silicon valley is the peak
of innovation

said the crow to the carcass
“you could fly too if only
you were clever like me”