dain saint art and activism for an abundant society

twenty bullets

part of freedom is non-negotiable

she was an emt
i'm told, again and again

nine shots plant in her and
one first responder watches as
one first responder can scarcely ask why

tell me, officer,
was she supposed to heal herself?

a spell cast under fireworks

everything is going to change
i'm gonna heal my trauma
let go of things that no longer serve me
drop toxic people from my life
spend more time with my loved ones
take my health more seriously
cook more, stay home, save my money
i'm going to create the world i want
and the whole world will rise up with me
just you wait

happy new year

domestic terrorism

silent vans in the
the long arm of the
bears a tattoo:
never forget

good trouble

part of freedom is non-negotiable

two bare feet walk off an alabama porch
and into history

in your footsteps
twelve hundred church shoes step into selma
in your footsteps
two million boots trod into the capitol
in your footsteps
countless feet lift the banner worldwide

rest now
the work is not done
but thanks to you
neither are we

compound interest

we've been borrowing
from the future
for years

the future
has come
to collect

to the racists, sexists, homophobes et. al whom the old normal benefitted

part of freedom is non-negotiable


black and blue

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i had one too many conversations with well-meaning white friends asking, "but why are they protesting in philly when this happened in minneapolis?"

so many hadn't even heard of the move bombing.

so we set out to create a comprehensive timeline of the history of police brutality against black philadelphians, from the founding of the department to today.

take some time. learn our history.


research: tommy rowan, craig mccoy, valerie russ
editing: megan griffith-greene

you should have listened

part of freedom is non-negotiable

we spoke in polite whispers
in hopes it would spur you to act
to spend a little less
to care a little more
but you could not hear above
the clanging din of
your slot machine
could not see us clearly with
bloodshot eyes

we spoke in clear tones
in hopes it would move you to act
to resist a little less
to feel a little more
but you turned up the volume
the white noise of
your internal narrative
could not feel us
gasping for air

we screamed at the top of our lungs
in hopes it would force you to act
to speak a little less
to hear a little more
but you drowned us
in your panicked pleas
for civility
could not see the depth
of our courtesy

our thunder roars angry in the distance
desperate rains flooding the streets
the climate changes because of you
the climate changes in spite of you
and you sweat

as the blood-red moon
hangs in judgement
over your horizon

reefer madness

part of freedom is non-negotiable

green was the only
opportunity i knew
when they said that
i threw my life away

well i lost more years to
possession with intent
than you spent
on your fucking mba

without representation

part of freedom is non-negotiable

our first lesson as kids in
American history is
if you're breaking the law,
blame a minority

or did i misunderstand
the point of the
boston tea party