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  • This weeks Crossover: R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World.” As a grime track.

    Things I learned doing this track:

    1. Roasting is waaaaaay too much fun.
    2. I need a better vocal recording set up.
    3. Proper mixing is a dark art practiced by mysterious soundamancers.

    I felt like the original rapid-fire delivery would translate a bit better to grime on it’s own, but needed to alter it here and there to get it to fit rhythmically. I’d originally doubled *all* the vocals, but after a bit more listening realised it was done predominantly on the female tracks (Lady Sov especially), partially for style, and partially to make up for the lack of the lower frequencies the fellows can provide.

    I also decided to fuck the original last verse and freestyle instead. I think I made the right decision — no-one should ever have to rap about Leonard Bernstein.

    God, it’d be so nice to just have a mixer and masterer on speed-dial. Getting vocals to sit in the mix properly is still just not something I know how to do. Practice, eh?

    As always, you can tell me what to make! I’m up for just about anything, so long as it’s fun and challenging.

    What do you think?

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